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PLANET - The Struggle for Support is real for Emerging Artists

Words of wisdom for every emerging artist from PLANET's Matty Took. I wanted to start a conversation about the reality of following your dreams in the music industry in Australia. We want young artists to understand these challenges a little better & know they are not alone in the struggle.

 Your bio states that you had several years of trial and error in your songcrafting. What was the defining moment you found your rhythm and were happy about what you were producing?

I feel like every band or musician starting off doesn't really know what “their sound is” or know what their vibe as a musician is when starting off. Especially when they throw themselves in the deep end at a younger age, without any ‘behind the scenes’ work and no label behind them. This was us, as we just started playing straight away.

We’ve all played in a few different bands in our time so hundreds of songs have come in and out. Our defining moment was probably about 3 years ago when we started PLANET. We …
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Journey through Desire Path.

Talking with Yeo, I felt like I was chatting to a friend, he is humble and honest. We spoke about the themes intertwined in 'Desire Path' and how each collaboration came about.
Your last album was really playful both in the music and the lyrics.  Listening to your new album ‘Desire Path’, I felt like a it’s journey through different relationships. 
Yeah, I think even if the lyrics get really literal, music to me is based on emotion and emotions are kind of nothing without a relationship to give it context I feel.
Well when you think about, it relationships rule our lives, whether it be a friendship, family or a work colleague they are always an influence; but I feel quite a few of these tracks are about love relationships?
There’s a few on this album, and I haven’t done this for a while. The last album had a couple, but I feel like I got more honest on this one. 
I agree, you have a great way with words and that draws me in to your music. I take an expression of human emotions and …

The Uprising of Van Larkins

Who the heck is Van Larkins? I hear you ask. 
Focus, drive and determination are three words that come to mind talking to Owen, AKA Van Larkins. His compositions are dynamic, artful and complex commanding every ear in the vicinity; the craft of one who literally eats, sleeps & breathes their passion.

Composer, mentor, teacher and troubadour of a unique fingerstyle revolution in Australia, Owen has chanced many opportunities to grow with his craft. It's not just making a classical tune or knocking out some dank rock, (both of which I love mind you), his arrangements are so much more. When this guy picks up a guitar, together, they create an aural story. Having just released his second solo album in July this year, I wanted to know about the uprising of Van Larkins, and his new album 'Cinder Moon'.

You've just recently played a role in a documentary style film, 'Acoustic Uprising'. How did that come about?

I was in discussion with the guy who put the whole th…

Filling the Girl Punk Voiid

Walking into the Foundry early, I was pretty keen on the night's line-up. There was a crowd starting to mill around the stage and a bit of a buzz to be honest, tonight’s headliners are the irrepressible Bleeding Knees Club with The Pinheadz & Voiid supporting…this was not the first I’d heard of the ostentatious girl group.  In fact I was looking forward to seeing some girlshreik, it had been a while since I’d heard an all girl punk band that impressed me to be honest.

The girls were all so comfortable in their skin on stage, an electric presence that flaunted true punk ego. They sauntered onto stage, and with an almighty bass line they launched straight into it as did the crowd. Voiid certainly have built a local following and everyone was writhing & cascading all over the joint with enthusiasm. Obvious influences came shining through, I decided I needed to have a little chat with the girls to spread the word on the hot asfuck sounds hitting my earholes…
So you got together…

The Art of Rhyming with Kudos

"I find art in the details of everything...the little details..."
When talking to lyrical mastermind Kudos, it's apparent this man immerses his mind in rhyme. From the day he was first shown Hip Hop music at the age of 12, he was inspired to give it a go. His brother helped him hone his writing skills, and his father to polish performance art. Adulthood brought the freedom of inclusion into the wider music scene and from there his world flourished into the professional nature of the industry. Having integrity to lyric was something taught early on, "What are you saying? You gotta say something." his brother taught him. This was important in forming the basis of knowledge to improve from just having a flow to move into that next level. When I asked Kudos where he drew his inspiration from, he explained that he was very blessed to be able to find inspiration from many things and being able to tie concepts together to intuitively to make magic.
I asked him to expl…

The Heart of Irish Tradition Beats Strong.

I had no expectations as I took my seat in the stalls mid evening, the crowd shushing around me and the last few shufflers finding their chairs. After a warm welcome to the show with Plastic Fantastic opening the set, a beautiful rendition of Summerfly was performed by Katherine Allan. I say warm welcome because it felt as if I was sitting in on a big family reunion of sorts, where all were part of the extended family. The stage was set with simple yet stylish banners & lighting, and the Sasta musicians sat perched on their stools keen to get on with the show. A few introductions were made and then the traditional step dancing began. As the fiery, champion dancers took the floor, my breath was taken away by their remarkable talent. It was clear that the heart of tradition was beating strongly throughout this first set of the performance.

The team performed in great gusto with traditional green velvet dresses for the ladies & a smart casual look for the guys, which was followed…

Killer New Drummer for Balloons Kill Babies

Shortly after I was introduced to Balloons Kill Babies at this year’s QMA’s, they took some time out. Thrilled to learn of the emerging bands' successes I feel it is my duty to introduce you. Change is inevitable; at times it’s swift & other times it takes a little longer to get all the important bits right. Fortunately for Balloons Kill Babies, taking their time led to a massive WIN/WIN situation. 
When a change in line up is necessary you can’t rush finding the right piece to fit the puzzle and find the right piece they did. The stars aligned for BKB when none other than Scott Davey, previously form Dead Letter Circus, became available. Spending a period of time looking for the right talent has paid off. The three lads clicked instantly, Christian stating they have so much in common with their music styles.
A growing number of compositions plumping up the swag, the three piece’s rehearsal sessions this year have been so productive. Founding member Christian confirmed they have…